"Track1099 is an excellent example of where we were able to plug in a tool to greatly reduce the time our team takes to deliver on IRS-related solutions."
Leslie Jorgensen
President, Supporting Strategies


Start with a new Payer

Sign up and create a new Payer and new Recipient. Explore Track1099 for free; we only charge when you schedule e-file

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Enter your contractors

Use manual entry, CSV import or transfer from QB, QBO, Xero,

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Review your forms

Green means good for IRS e-file and recipient e-delivery.

Yellow is good to IRS e-file and postal mail.

Errors show up in red.


Schedule e-file and

No W-3 or 1096 is required.

We prompt you for the new IRS due date. Pay with any major credit card.

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Accurate record keeping

Free PDF and CSV files for your record keeping or state submissions

Record Keeping. PDF, CSV, TIN match


Add more Payers

Our All Payers dashboard gives you a one-glance overview.

Easily e-correct recipients.

IRS and e-delivery progresses from Scheduled -> Sent -> Accepted.

You're done!

Next year, your information is easily transferred.

We keep your data available for five years.

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